A complete urban synth architecture and framework featuring the best of the modern urban sound. It’s a full synthesizer and a full blown rompler in one synth. Add on a complete modulation system and new effects and you’ll have everything you need in one synth.

What’s New In This Version?

Brand New Architecture

Brand New Sounds

New Preset System

We spent the last year working on our own synth architecture, with advanced features and low CPU. It is tailored specifically for easy usage and powerful features. 

  • 650 Presets
  • 1,000 Sounds
  • 21619 Samples
  • 8.11GB (6.0GB Compressed)
  • 100 Wavetables

Easy to use preset system with the ability to create categories and subcategories. An overwrite feature to quickly update a change

New Modulation System

New Digital Effects

JP-Like Detune

Added the ability to right+click on any parameter and add an envelope, LFO, or mod modulator easily. This works for the effects unit as well. 

We licensed effects units from some of the best known DSP companies such as Overloud™. 

Sophisticated unison/detune mode with spread and blend that allows you to blend in JP-Detuning effects for really fat detuned saws. 

Large HD View

Multiple Osc Select

Analog Synth Technology

Added a super large HD mode so that you can edit your presets on full screen with clarity and large HD knobs. This helps when editing preset banks. No small interface screens here!

Added the ability to hold Ctrl+Click and edit multiple oscillator sections at one time. This is great if you want to keep the same parameters across oscillators as in many analog synths. 

Added warm wavetable and analog technology. Our wavetables are much more warmer and analog sounding due to custom DSP tricks to keep a warm vintage sound to our oscillators. 

Plethora of Effects and Rack

Added some of the most amazing effects on the market. We licensed the VKFX from Overloud™ and included them in Pure Synth. We’ve also added an amazing Rotary, Dimension D Chorus emulation, and a very detailed Stereo Spread algorithm. 


We’ve also added the ability to move racks to change the position and sound in the effects chain. Changing the order of effects can drastically change your sound and it is just as easy as dragging a rack. 

New Preset System

Featuring a brand new preset system that allows you to:


  • Create new library and bank folders
  • Hardrive accessible for easy sharing with other users
  • Search bar for easy finding
  • Fast loading and selecting
  • Quick Overwrite/Save of existing preset

Multiple Oscillator Edit

Edit multiple oscillators at one time to save time on editing. Simply CTRL+Click and select oscillators.

Easy and Powerful Modulation System

Right+Click on any modulator source, including all effects racks, and choose between an Envelope, LFO, or Mod-wheel assignment. This allows you to create very expressive, articulate, and moving sounds that will play wonderful tricks with your ear. You can see a visual representation of the actual knob being modulated and how it reacts to the modulation source. 

JP-Like Detuning

Create JP-Like Super saw sounds with our new/custom synth detuning that works with samples and synthesis oscillators as well.