MIDIculous Pro gives teachers the ability to start their own online music business by creating custom LMS lessons for the FREE MIDIculous Player. Since MIDIculous Player is now free, your students will not need to purchase any additional software in order to enjoy your lessons. You see, MIDIculous software was birthed out of the frustration of finding teachers. Instructional videos are very time consuming and expensive. We found that it was very hard flying in and out top gospel musicians due to pricing and busy schedules. We also found that when you have to rent a facility in order to shoot videos, it takes away from the inspiration, because you are constantly thinking about the time.

Now with MIDIculous Pro, a teacher can sit down at the computer and simply arm an audio track for vocal teaching and a MIDI track for chords in your DAW. Once the two tracks are exported, MIDIculous Pro gives you the ability to create an LMS lesson for MIDIculous Player Free. The student can slow down the audio and MIDI as well as change the key. The beauty of an LMS file is that both audio and MIDI change in sync for an incredible learning experience.

A New Way for Students to Learn

Start Your Own Business