Imagine a piece of software that will allow you to learn anything that you can find the MIDI to and if you cannot find the MIDI, you can slow-down the audio, change the pitch, and even create loop points. We started the idea of MIDIculous in 2009 and our goal was simple: Make the best music learning software ever created. MIDIculous was birthed out of a need to get musicians together to “shed” and share their chords. Before MIDIculous, most students learned by watching other musicians and hoping they would show them something. MIDIculous bridges the gap by providing a way to rip chords from MIDI, Audio (by slowing it down and learning by ear), or by LMS. It becomes very expensive flying great musicians to a studio, then creating an instructional DVD. Now with MIDIculous, if a great musician has a DAW, he can simply sit down and record an Audio (for teaching) and a MIDI track (for chord viewing), and musicians around the world can “rip” these chords and increase in their playing. Think of MIDIculous as an electronic “shed session.” If you have the MIDI, then you have the chords.

A New Way to Learn

Learning from MIDI

There are literally thousands upon thousands of MIDI files on the internet. When we were learning how to play all we had was a tape player that we had to rewind over and over in order to grab a chord. Now, there is literally no excuse for learning. With MIDIculous you can see the lit up keys with split key features. You can view the chord names with alternate naming and the score. You can slow down, speed up, change the key and pitch. You can even set the key and tempo of an audio and MIDI file. All of the most important learning features are there for you to fully learn any lick or chord given the MIDI file. What’s even more cool is that you can get one of your teachers or musicians that you look up to to create an LMS or MIDI file for you. It’s the next best thing to a lesson, because now you can get the chords you’ve always wanted through MIDIculous. We’ve even added a feature to create loop points so that you can practice difficult sections or learn different parts of a song. MIDI has been around for a long time, now through MIDIculous we are using MIDI as a learning tool for musicians to learn the dream chords.

One thing that a musician does all the time is listen to music. Most of us gospel
musicians learn songs by ear. We need a tool in which to learn songs more efficiently if we cannot find the MIDI. MIDIculous allows you to speed up and slow down the audio as well as change the key. New in version 3.0 is the ability to set the key of a song. Once the key is set, you are able to not only change the key, but choose the key. For example if the audio file is in the key of C, you can set the key to the key of C. Previous versions only allowed you to move the pitch/key slider +/- semitones. But in the new version, you can literally enter the new desired key and MIDIculous will automatically choose the correct semitone pitch. This makes learning easier and more fun now that you can treat Audio like it was MIDI. As with MiDI, you can set loop points in the region and each audio file can have as many loop points as needed. Finally, go ahead and save the set list as a .midiculous file and you can return back to your entire MIDIculous’ settings for another day of learning and ripping chords.

Learning from Audio